Pre-School Education

The three years before the pre-school start period play a particularly large role in the development of intelligence. During this period, activities, mutual affection and communication with the mother lay the foundations that will continue to affect the child’s whole future life. Different types of intelligence, communication, empathy and self-expression abilities all take shape in the child’s mind during this process. This trusting bond between the child contributes to the development of neural networks in the brain as long as the child’s mind is stimulated externally by factors such as different objects, sounds, people and colors. Unless this process is completed, unfortunately, it cannot be compensated later in life. These rules also apply to the father, although he seems to lag behind in communication with the mother. For the healthy development of the child’s personality and to avoid personality disorders that may begin in the future, it is vital that the father also provides a safe and loving environment and relationship.

Pre-School Education Period
The period of pre-primary education covers the ages of three to six, when this important development is most open to support, but is still too early for compulsory schooling. This period is the first curious step the child takes out of the safe space at home. This period, in which socialization with peers begins for the first time, is a process in which children of their own age begin to communicate and share clearly, mental development continues at full speed, and their brain is open to absorbing information like a sponge. For all these reasons, it is critical for the entire personality and mental development of the child’s education to be well planned and not interrupted in this process. There are many options when it comes to preschool education.

Education Site and Applications
Since the Internet is an environment where all kinds of content are available, how it is used is of great importance. In this huge network of unlimited options and content, it is important to control the content your child reaches and what is as nutritious as this content. At this point, you should follow all the content that your child can access, and find sites and applications that will support their development in the most appropriate and efficient way with a detailed research. You should listen to the advice and opinions of pedagogical experts and turn to certified products and sites. Careful consideration of the internet option is always in your child’s best interest, especially given their age and openness to observing and learning any content, so you can watch out for harmful content.

Preschool education books are among the most preferred by parents and educational institutions as they have a much easier content to control. With didactic stories and fairy tales, correct messages can be given without losing the child’s attention, information can be conveyed, and the mind can continue to be stimulated by supporting the imagination with colorful visuals in the books. It is also possible to contribute to the development of your child’s physical skills with coloring books and books with similar activities. In this regard, it is enough to help your child to use scissors in activities that require cutting shapes and pay attention to prevent damage.

Intelligence Developing Games
Undoubtedly, games, which are the most interesting and entertaining areas of children, play an important role in the development of imagination, social, numerical and verbal intelligence, memory and logic when it comes to preschool education. Many games can be readily available or easily created in which the child can learn numbers and geometric shapes, memorize numbers and colors in different languages ​​while his interest is concentrated. For example, simple activities such as counting while climbing the stairs and saying the colors seen quickly take place in the child’s mind. The child’s self-confidence and desire to learn will increase when he sees that he is learning rapidly. In addition, when the child starts his compulsory education, he will not have any strangeness and difficulties, he will be able to socialize faster by adapting to his environment. In addition to all these, the child who learns to take responsibility and to share will be able to remain more harmonious and positive as a personality.

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