Importance of Education and Training in Turkey

Every country wants to take an active role in the world geography, to be effective and powerful. The country’s existence must be strong in the fields of economy, military, politics and socio-cultural in order to have a solid foundation. Despite the technological developments, the indispensable element in these areas is educated people. After all, he is a person who will manage and direct these power elements.
Education and training are the key to raising a person. Education is the orientation and assistance of a person, starting from birth in the family and continuing in the environment, to create behavioral changes with small touches throughout his life, and to develop himself and his culture. Teaching, on the other hand, is the development of people’s knowledge and skills in accordance with a curriculum in schools providing education in different fields. Education and training is a duo that needs to be well organized and concerns the whole public.

Schools in Turkey’s Education System

Education and training have been given great importance since the proclamation of the Republic. With the establishment of the Turkish Grand National Assembly on April 23, 1920, education and training began to be administered by the state through the “Ministry of National Education”. Efficiency in education accelerated after the “Letter Revolution” announced in 1928. Since the literacy rate was very low in the first years of the Republic, literacy courses known as “Ali School” were opened in the army. The teachers trained by increasing the number of teacher schools have been sent to all parts of our dormitory. The point we have reached today is that the literacy rate is 95% and our teachers have been teaching in 4-year education faculties since 1989. This is a considerable improvement.
Turkey’s oldest university “Darülfünun” established under the name of restructuring in 1933, Istanbul University, Istanbul Technical University is the first technical university. Starting from the first years of the Republic, faculty members and students are trained as a result of joint studies carried out with universities abroad. While there was 5-year compulsory education in the beginning, compulsory education was increased to 8 years in 1997, and high schools to 4 years and compulsory education to 12 years with the law enacted in 2012. Today, with the variety of Science, Social Sciences, Anatolia, Sports, Vocational and Technical and Imam Hatip high schools, which are entered by exams, education is carried out in a wide range of fields. higher education in Turkey is carried out in two-year colleges and four-year universities. Teaching periods vary in special branches such as foreign language education and medicine.

What We Gain With Education and Training
Purpose of education and training; Its essence is to raise and bring individuals who are talented, able to keep up with the times, developed national feelings and adopted scientific thoughts and approaches to the country. Today, we achieve admirable achievements in various fields of business and science with our trained people.
In the light of this main idea, education is supported by public education centers and vocational training centers that open courses for young people and adults who want to improve their work and skills. The importance of foreign language education has been understood and education has started to be given to a wider audience by going down to our primary schools. Education of our women is very important for our future. With projects such as “Daddy, send me to school, Snowdrops”, girls in the most remote corners of our country reach out to our state and private educational institutions to support their education. With BİLSEM, we try to educate and guide our children with superior intelligence according to their interests.
It seems that we are constantly in search of training our people. Education and training enable people’s talents to be revealed through the constant injection of knowledge and experimentation. At this point, if we want to raise individuals who can both earn a living and be beneficial to our country, education is a must. Starting from preschool, efforts are made for our children and young people with the teachings on playing games, sharing, reading and writing, taking responsibility, solving their problems, protecting their health, self-improvement, and areas of interest.

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