Child Development And Education

Child development and education is a process that starts from the first moment a child is born and covers all kinds of knowledge and skills until they reach maturity. The most important factor in a child’s development and education phase is his family. The developmental stage of the child consists of psychological, biological and emotional contents. Child development stage is divided into 3 groups among themselves.

1-Early Childhood Stage

It is the process in which the child rapidly develops psychologically and physiologically within the 0/6 age range. The areas to be developed in the child’s intelligence are processed in this period. In addition, language skill is a feature acquired in this period. Since the speech event first begins in the brain and then turns into sound, the family and the environment around the child affect the language positively or negatively. Educational support, which should be considered during child development and education, is among the important qualifications that should be given to the child in this process. Children educated in this way can become active, productive and successful individuals in the future.


2-Middle Childhood Stage

In this stage between the ages of 6/12, children are especially open to social and emotional development. For this reason, it is extremely important to provide the children with the necessary education at this stage. At this stage, children acquire habits such as taking responsibility and gaining talent. These acquired habits play an important role in shaping the future of children. In addition, the foundations of the cultural and moral development process are the steps taken at this stage. At this stage, it is extremely important to keep children away from technological objects that contain negative content such as television or social media. Another important factor in this stage, which is one of the stages of child development and education, is the physical changes experienced in children. At this stage, good nutrition is extremely important for the development of the child. Good nutrition is needed for good motor development.

3-Adolescence Stage

It is the stage in which the characteristics acquired in the early and middle childhood stages are shaped and the education given on child development is revealed more clearly. It is the most troublesome process among the developmental stages. This process, which covers the age range of 13/18, is very important, especially due to the physical changes. Informing children about this issue with the necessary trainings enables the child to overcome this process more comfortably in terms of their development.

What is the Importance of Education in Child Development?

The most important factor in a child’s development is the education he or she receives. Good education means a good individual. The main element in education is family. Because the family and people close to them can access all kinds of information they need during child development. For this reason, family and social environment are the most important factors in education. The higher the quality of child development and education, the easier and more comfortable the child adapts to society at later ages. Even the concept of intelligence, which is among the elements of education, is shaped by the education given in the child’s developmental stage. Children who are well educated by the family turn into successful individuals in school and friendship relationships thanks to these achievements. Unfortunately, the child who completes the development process with a poor education has a problematic and troublesome education life, which negatively affects social friendship relations.

What Are the Benefits of Child Development and Education?

Children who have had a good development and education phase continue to exist as individuals who are self-confident, successful, committed to their cultural values ​​and beneficial to the society. It provides superior development in children mentally. It provides families with a family opportunity away from psychological and physiological troublesome processes. Because children with troubled development and education stages cause many negative situations both to their family and their environment. Topluluk Tarafından Doğrulandı simgesi

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